Tuesday, 28 July 2009

2nd card!

So here is my 2nd card. I do think the stamp is too plain, but I didn't want to do a big one that I would of had to colour in when I am just learning how to use water colours! I did use water colours on this one as you might be able to see on the skirt and headband, but not a lot. Thank you, Wishcraft for showing me the water brush it is fantastic and makes using my water colour pencils a lot easier!
I know, the edges are terrible. I bought a paper cutter and it is useless so I had to use scissors :(


Wishcraft said...

It's great, nothing wrong with it! I had a trimmer (fiskars) & hated it so I've got a x-cut guillotine now. The Woodware Fingerguard trimmer is supposed to be very good though, and isn't that expensive, although I've never tried it myself. Glad you like your water brush! Lisa x

Ch3rrie said...

For some reason comment boxes in firefox do not work for me! Very strange as they were earlier!
I just got a cheap one from ebay. I was not expecting anything great but this one is terrible. It does not cut straight at all. I thought it must be me, but I have tried and tried and I don't think it is!
I'll have a look at your suggestions, Lisa. I really need a good one. I would prefer a small one though are these ones ok for that?

Sarah McNeill said...

I have the x-cut guillotine as well and I love it! I have tried the Woodware trimmer when preparing for a class, (I had been thinking of buying it as it's so cheap) but I hated it! the paper kept slipping and it didn't cut a straight edge. Maybe I just prefer a guillotine to a trimmer. Your card looks great, well done on the watercolouring, you're getting the hang of it all pretty quick!! Sarah

Ch3rrie said...

I think I would prefer the Guillotine too, so might have to buy the x-cut one!

Thank you, Sarah :)!

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