Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My TGF Cha Contest Cards!

Hi everyone :)!

I participated in the TGF CHA Contest and here are my cards :)
I am not adding my Charlotte one as it is terrible! It is my aim to make a beautiful card with her in now.

Mer Ian :)   He is great isn't he?  I wish I added some glitter to him now, but it didn't cross my mind when I was doing it!

Here is CUTE Toby!!! I love Toby.  I love how he can be a boy or a girl.  I think if i give this card to somebody, I will add some Gems near Toby as it is a little too plain for me now i've had a good look at it!

And finally Prince Ian :)
I love him!  He is so perfect for a little boys card or a grown up card!  I added some shiny stuff on the embossed part and the sentiment part but you can't see it so well. 
Also, I'd like to enter Prince Ian into the A spoon full of sugar challenge which is freestyle!

I am very sad that TGF had to stop the contest early.  Not because I wanted the free digi's but because it's going to send me crazy if I do not know what they were!  I really hope they show us the last 2. 
I completly understand why they stopped it.  It was SO popular!  If they are crazy enough to do this again, they will be prepared!
I am so greatful for 4 free digi's.  My Partner Lee lost his job last week so spending any money is out of the question but now I have 4 tgf digi's to play with for free!!
Thank you!!!


Danni said...

Wonderful cards!!
So sorry about Lee losing his fun!

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