Friday, 5 February 2010

My new Layout :)

Hi everyone,

I am loving this layout :)  I was looking for hours for one as I didn't want to make one and when I saw this I got it up ASAP!
I have not made anything today.  I've been colouring in a lot as I am terrible at it and I got my 6 promarkers from the c.r.a.f.t challenge I won (STUPID me asked for one I already had, grr!).  I got some new card thanks to Angela and it is fantastic!  No bleeding at all and it's cheaper than the usual card I get. Now I just have to somehow imagine where the light is coming from on the images.  I find it so hard to imagine! I'm probably going to look for a colouring tutorial online I can follow.


Leann said...

Ooooooh, thanks for the heads up on how to do the Random Org image thingy - I won't admit it just took me an age to actually find the print screen button!!!
Thanks :D
Leann x

Sarah A said...

Hi Cheryl

Love the new layout... so clean and fresh! Thought I was at the wrong Cheryls place at first LOL!!!

Never mind about the pro marker you can always keep it as spare or why not swap it with someone?

Can you let me know what card it is you are using now as I use Bristol Board which is FAB as no bleeding but it is a bit pricey!!!

Sarah xx

Leann said...

*snort* Programme? Pasting? You're getting a bit too technical for me now Cheryl!!! Think I'll just have to give myself up as a lost cause!
Hugs x

Leann said...

Aaaaaw, I just noticed the little moving clouds and butterflies in your header - how sweet are they?! x

Milnie said...

Love your New LO Cheryl! i really wanted the spring to come!


Teri said...

Love the new blogwear!

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