Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Instyle Stamps Hula Week photo contest

Hi everyone :)
Instyle Stamps are having a hula themed week with lots of prizes!
One of the contests is a photo contest and we have to post a photo of our favourite Island... Well, I have not been to many places!!  I did go to Spain but it was 5 years ago and the pc I had the pics on died!  Another beautiful place I have been to is Cornwall in the UK.  Getting there was a nightmare.  The car broke down on us half way there and was unrepairable but lucky for us RAC let us use a hired car.  It took about 3 or 4 hours longer to get there because of this but it was soooo worth the wait.  We went for a week and loved it.  You really don't feel like your in the UK when you go there, it is such a beautiful place.  We went around loads of places :)  I have a few photos I think to enter for this contest which i'll do in the next few days.  Here is the first

Click the photo for a better view!

This is bedruthan Steps.  It was SO BEAUTIFUL!  You get there and your really high up and you have to go down these steps to get to the actual beach.  I got so scared going down the steps because they were steep, high and looking like they were going to fall apart.  I didn't get to the bottom, lol.  I do regret not going to the bottom but then the views  at the top were so beautiful :)

I just looked through the rest of the holiday photos and I have one of the steps!  Lee was brave enough to go down there with my camera


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