Thursday, 25 March 2010

Morgan's birthday invites

Hi everyone,

How has the week gone so fast???

I had some time today to craft and I recieved a GORGEOUS stamp that I won from Lorraine's simon says candy.  It's seriously so cute.  I could choose any Gruffies stamp and as soon as I saw this I KNEW what to do with it!
Morgans birthday isn't for another 4 months but I had to use this stamp now so I made an invite I might do.  It's so simple and it shouldn't take too long to make a few for friends and family.

I can see Morgan sitting on our floor trying to get as much cake in his mouth before he was caught! haha.
I wasn't expecting the image to be so big so I used that for the front and the inside (It's kinda perfect!) I stamped the info I needed (Ignore how messy it is, the stamp isn't mounted and I couldn't be bothered to mount it when it's only a rough invite) .  I'll add another piece of paper on the inside to put who the invite is for and rsvp.
So simple!  I'll probably Change the card colour and i'll probably change the whole thing before August!  I just wanted to show you this amazing, gorgeous stamp I feel so lucky to of won!


Mandy said...

This is just perfect for an invitation...and this one is lovely..can't wait to see how you change it...
Mandy xx

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