Sunday, 14 March 2010

My birthday!

Hello Everyone!!

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a fantastic day :)
We spent most of the day with family and In the evening we had some friends over and I am still trying to feel normal after all that drink!
I wanted to show you all what I recieved from the RAK Club I am in.  I was so surprised and excited at it all.  It's all great and I can see myself using it all.  I hope I have included it all!!!  I decided to sort my craft bits out and all the new stuff is stored away like it's always been there :)
First, my cards.  These are all the cards I recieved.  All but one (the one on the right with tilda holding roses is from my sister) are from the rak club.  My partners mum made me a card too which was such a nice thing.  I forgot to put it up before taking the pic though!

Click it to see a larger picture!

And these are the amazing presents I recieved from people in the RAK club!

There are sooo many stamped images and I grouped them together so they are easy to find when I want one.  Every image is going to be used!  I have already picked out what to use for Lee's birthday card.

I also got my paper trimmer!!!  It's fab!!!  
I've not had time to make a card today, hopefully I will tomorrow as I have Lee's birthday, my dads birthday and 2 little boys birthdays to do cards for.  4 male cards!!!  Thanks to these images and some candy I won I have the little boys images ready to be coloured now I just need the time to make them :s

OOPS!  I did forget to add some presents!!  I also got some gorgeous bright ribbon and accetate greetings and some more gorgeous pastle ribbon!

My candy ends tomorrow so go enter if you want the chance to win!


Mrs A. said...

Hi Cheryl,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy returns for yesterday. You did really well for cards and prezzies.

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