Friday, 6 August 2010

Just a little update, and a link to some amazing candy!

Hi everyone,

No card, just an update!!!  I don't want you to think i've dissappeared :)
BUSY is not the word!!!  This week has been so hectic, when I did have time to sit down thats what I did, Sat down and didn't move lol!!
Morgan's birthday was yesterday, he had a fab day lots of presents.  I used his birthday money on a train set and later we went out for dinner (and Morgan ate too much and was sick!!!!)
and tomorrow we have his birthday party.  It's SUPPOSE to be Summer, but it's raining!  I am not happy as his party is a Summer theme, he has loads of outside toys that we won't be able to play :(  I hope the weather changes but so far it says 1pm Rain and that is when his party starts! grrr!
Well, i've got to go double check my food list and get some music sorted out before tomorrow, Lee needs to make some cookies (I tried and failed), then the party is at mums (bigger house) so we need to get over there before 1pm! We have some other bits to cook too.  Then on Sunday we have a wedding to go to, so no weekened to ourselfs, but it'll be a nice weekend :)

Just before I go, Amy At a Thousand sheets of paper has some candy and wow!!!  It is amazing.  Lots and lots to win please do go and see, you will feel the need to enter :)
Just check out this photo of some of the prize, this is 1000 sheets of paper!


Mandy said...

Hi Cheryl,
thank you so much for my lovely birthday wishes ,sorry it's taken so long to say, but I've finally got my internet back so here I am..A big belated birthday to Morgan and I hope he has a great party,I'll keep my finger's crossed for no rain...
Mandy xx

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