Friday, 21 January 2011

Some Odd Girl Anniversary challenge

Hi everyone!

It is Some Odd Girl's 1 year Anniversary and they are having a week of celebrations!
Me and Morgan have been busy today colouring and crafting for the events.  We have been working on The kids challenge.  I have also been working on 1 digi 3 ways which will be in this post too.
For the kids challenge, I printed out 2 SOG digis and gave them to Morgan to use his "sensels" (pencils lol) on.  Morgan is 2 and a half and adores colouring, and painting and playdoh!  I didn't feel brave enough to get the paints out today as I wanted to do some crafting too.  We were doing this for at least 2 hours!

Excuse his terrible messy hair and not being dressed lol!!!  We are having a lazy Friday!

This is rare.  Morgan saying cheese!  He never smiles for the camera, he must really like SOG images!!!

While Morgan was happily colouring, I was working on Lee's Valentines card.  Yesterday I recieved a prize I won from sir stampalot's blog hop, a Martha Stewart punch around the page punch.  It's so fun!!!!!!  I had to use it today of course.  I've never used one before so the paper size was something I didn't know and the paper size was wrong.  I eventually worked it out and realised the paper was too big lol!  So I decided on a wall hanging type of thing (it'll go on the fire) instead of a card which gave me the most fantastic idea which you will see at the end!!

Here is the hanger.  Lee isn't a romantic kind of person.  We are both not really into all that sappy love stuff so Spike (which is Lee's nickname too!) had to be used!  I of course had to add some hearts...  It IS a valentines card after all.  I cut out the white heart with my Silhouette and stamped 'Happy Valentines Day' over and over it.  It looked too plain just being stamped once, and I added some glitter around the heart which is still wet!  I thought adding the red paper clip thing would look cool too.  and the ribbon was added so that there was something else green!
I then printed another digi of Spike onto the envelope and used the heart cut out the silhouette had made to sponge a heart on the envelope.


For the third use of the digi I had a fantastic idea, I took Morgans finished Spike and put it on the back of the hanger!!  I'm very impressed with myself for thinking of doing this.

I love that!!!  That will go on the fridge when Valentines day it over :)

I did also make a tag

So I used it 4 different ways!


Anonymous said...

i love the border punch, congrats on winning! i wish i could get DD to colour but she refuses to stay still!

This N That said...

LOOK at that SMILE! TOO sweet! Great image and good job! Thanks so much for playing with Some Odd Girl!

bosenberries said...

Such a great idea with the card! Love how he calls them 'sensils' so funny! Thanks for playing with Some Odd Girl, Robin F.

Mandy said...

Great work by both you and Morgan he's such a cutie fabulous smile...lovely hanger...Thank you for your lovely comment..
Mandy x

Kim Sonksen said...

How wicked! Love the ideas and love what Morgan did!
Thanks for joining us at

Kristy said...

So very cute! LOVE Morgan's cheese face :) Lovely tag and the hanger was such a great idea! Thanks for celebrating with us!

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