Monday, 16 November 2009

Busy busy me!

More like, Lazy lazy me.
I've had chances to make some more crafty things but at them times I have other things to do too!
Morgan is insisting on touching everything he knows he can't so it's hard to even get on my laptop when he's awake and crawling around.
I am reading the 1st 2 twilight books right now too, so my mind is refreshed for when I go see it on Thursday!!  I CANNOT WAIT! I've been counting down since June time, lol.  Lucky for us, there is a cinema showing it at 12.05am on the 20th nov so we're going.   I'm sure other fans know how excited I am, hehe.  I bought 2 limited edition images from the greeting farm which represent Edward and Alice and I will be using them very soon, maybe tomorrow now.  I've got so much to do while Morgans napping today.

1 more thing, I am really happy and shocked.  I won This Candy!  I'm really happy about it, I can't wait for it to get here so me and my little sister can choose what we would like.  Please go see Angela's blog, she makes the most beautiful cards.


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