Thursday, 11 March 2010

Instyle Photo contest again!

hi everyone!
Another Instyle Stamps - photo entry
Only 1 more after this :)

I know, I have a few!  I just couldn't help myself when I was looking through these photos, it brings back good memories :)
This is a photo of the beach in the photo before this.  It's so nice. The person in this is my sister, Emily (The one who I give craft things to) enjoying the sand between her toes!
Lee took this as I was too tired to go with them to the beach.  I was around 3 or 4 months pregnant when we went on this holiday and being unfit anyway, any hill was a task and this was down a big hill, lol.
I love the sky in this too.  Nice and blue and not too many clouds. It looks so peaceful here.


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